10 May 2021

SAVE THE DATE: for the 5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals

The conference will be held virtually, and we hope to see you for our joint project session: HealthyLivestock, AVANT, ROADMAP, DISARM

10 May 2021

FAO: How to use antibiotics effectively and responsibly in pig production – for the sake of human and animal health

Pig farmers can enjoy this new FAO booklet on how to adopt SIMPLE & PRACTICAL husbandry practices that are essential to improving animal health, whilst reducing the use of antibiotics.

20 Apr 2021

FAO: Food and Agriculture organization of the United Nations

Antimicrobial Resistance Website

06 Apr 2021

Comparative assessment of general behaviour and fear-related responses in hatchery-hatched and on-farm hatched broiler chickens

Mona F.Giersberga; Ilse Poolen; Kris de Baere; Henk Gunnink; Theo van Hattum; Johan W.van Riel; Ingrid C.de Jong

26 Mar 2021

Third joint meeting of the HealthyLivestock project

Friday 19 March 2021 – Via ZOOM

22 Mar 2021

HealthyLivestock-Use of a health plan on high welfare pig and broiler farms

A tool to assess existing risks, to make farm specific herd health plans for mitigating these risks, and to monitor the effects of risk mitigation measures

02 Feb 2021

FAO – News Article: Prominent global leaders in science, industry and government meet to step up fight against antimicrobial resistance

26 January 2021, Rome - Prominent global leaders in science, industry and government joined today a United Nations effort to fight antimicrobial resistance, described as a slow-moving pandemic by the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), QU Dongyu.

02 Feb 2021

WHO Antimicrobial Resistance Newsletter; Spring 2021

One Health Global Leaders Group on AMR; Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on AMR ; AMR and COVID-19; Reaching the objectives of the Global Action Plan for AMR

26 Jan 2021

HealthyLivestock: Day-old chicken quality and performance of broiler chickens from3 different hatching systems

Carol Souza da Silva;Roos Molenaar ;Mona F. Giersberg; T. Bas Rodenburg; Johan W. van Riel; Kris De Baere; Iris Van Dosselaer; Bas Kemp; Henry van den Brand ;Ingrid C. de Jong.

19 Jan 2021

HealthyLivestock 3rd Newsletter

We are happy to share our 3rd newsletter of the HealthyLivestock project !

14 Jan 2021

HealthyLivestock: Effects of hatching system on the welfare of broiler chickens in early and later life

Mona F. Giersberg; Roos Molenaar; Ingrid C.de Jong; Carol Souza da Silva; Henryvan den Brand; Bas Kemp; T. Bas Rodenburg;

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