17 Dec 2021

HealthyLivestock 5th Newsletter

Read here about the project's outcomes, News and events!

02 Dec 2021

HealthyLivestock/Schippers Group AMR conference

Watch here the conference -"REDUCING ANTIMICROBIAL USE IN EUROPEAN LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION" organized by the HealthyLivestock project and The Schippers Group

02 Dec 2021

Watch our interactive webinar: Fighting AMR in animals- experiences and progress from the field

our interactive webinar based on experiences from the field about the challenge of antimicrobial resistance in animals. The webinar was organized by 4 EU projects: HealthyLivestock, AVANT, Roadmap, and DISARM celebrating the World Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021

05 Nov 2021

Join us to an interactive webinar about AMR

celebrate with us the Antimicrobial Awareness Week

08 Oct 2021

HealthyLivestock in the BBSRC

AI in biosciences impact case study booklet

23 Aug 2021

News from HealthyLivestock research: Early detection

Early Detection of Diarrhea in Weaned Piglets From Individual Feed, Water and Weighing Data

23 Aug 2021

HealthyLivestock 4th Newsletter

Read here about the project's outcomes, News and events

25 Jul 2021

HealthyLivestock leaflet

Introduction and summary of the project

25 Jul 2021


Animal nutrition strategies and options to reduce the use of antimicrobials in animal production

09 Jul 2021

HealthyLivestock in the UFAW Animal Welfare Conference

“Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII” Virtual UFAW Animal Welfare Conference 29th- 30th June 2021

22 Jun 2021

Poultry Science: Rapid on-site detection of Salmonella pullorum

Rapid on-site detection of Salmonella pullorum based on lateral flow nucleic acid assay combined with recombinase polymerase amplification reaction

22 Jun 2021

A method for broiler abnormal sound detection

A Novel Method for Broiler Abnormal Sound Detection Using WMFCC and HMM

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