22 Aug 2023

HealthyLivestock-Use of a health plan on high welfare pig and broiler farms

A tool to assess existing risks, to make farm specific herd health plans for mitigating these risks, and to monitor the effects of risk mitigation measures

    19 Apr 2023

    Costs And Benefits of the Improvement of Biosecurity

    Kees de Roest; Claudio Montanari; Paolo Ferrari; Christine Fourichon; Pierre Levallois; Giorgos Kefalas; Janneke Schreuder; Sotiris Papasolomontos; Maro Simitopolou; Kyriacos Angastiniotis; Annalisa Scolo

      12 Apr 2023

      Biosecurity and Hygiene Procedures in Pig Farms

      Annalisa Scollo; Alice Perrucci; Maria Cristina Stella; Paolo Ferrari; Patrizia Robino; Patrizia Nebbia

        10 Apr 2023

        D.6.5 – HealthyLivestock and ArMoR final event proceedings

        Event proceedings are available!

          30 Mar 2023

          HealthyLivestock results on platforms

          Outcomes, Results and videos will be accessible by different free platform

            20 Mar 2023

            HealthyLivestock Technical Notes

            HealthyLivestock projects results in a ready-to-use format

              20 Mar 2023

              HealthyLivestock Policy Brief

              Recommendations for politicians and other decision-makers with an interest in animal production and fighting antimicrobial resistance in pigs and poultry.

                28 Feb 2023

                Day-old chicken quality and performance of broiler chickens from 3 different hatching systems

                Carol Souza da Silva ; Roos Molenaar; Mona F. Giersberg; T. Bas Rodenburg; Johan W. van Riel; Kris De Baere; Iris Van Dosselaer; Bas Kemp; Henry van den Brand; Ingrid C. de Jong

                  24 Feb 2023

                  Monitoring Means and Results of Biosecurity in Pig Fattening Farms: Systematic Assessment of Measures in Place and Exploration of Biomarkers of Interest

                  Annalisa Scollo; Pierre Levallois; Christine Fourichon; Ambra Motta; ,Alessandro Mannelli; Francesco Lombardo; Paolo Ferrari

                    10 Feb 2023

                    Elevated platforms with integrated weighing beams allow automatic monitoring of usage and activity in broiler chickens

                    Helen Schomburg; Julia Malchow; Oliver Sanders; Jonas Knöll; Lars Schrader

                      31 Jan 2023

                      Toward the automated detection of behavioral changes associated with the post-weaning transition in pigs

                      Ilias Kyriazakis; Ali Alameer; Katarína Bučková; Ramon Muns

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