23 Aug 2021

News from HealthyLivestock research: Early Detection of

Diarrhea in Weaned Piglets From Individual Feed, Water and Weighing Data

    22 Jun 2021

    Rapid on-site detection of Salmonella pullorum

    based on lateral flow nucleic acid assay combined with recombinase polymerase amplification reaction

      22 Jun 2021

      A Novel Method for Broiler Abnormal Sound Detection Using WMFCC and HMM

      a method for broiler abnormal sound detection

        22 Mar 2021

        HealthyLivestock-Use of a health plan on high welfare pig and broiler farms

        A tool to assess existing risks, to make farm specific herd health plans for mitigating these risks, and to monitor the effects of risk mitigation measures

          26 Jan 2021

          HealthyLivestock: Day-old chicken quality and performance of broiler chickens from3 different hatching systems

          Carol Souza da Silva;Roos Molenaar ;Mona F. Giersberg; T. Bas Rodenburg; Johan W. van Riel; Kris De Baere; Iris Van Dosselaer; Bas Kemp; Henry van den Brand ;Ingrid C. de Jong.

            14 Jan 2021

            HealthyLivestock: Effects of hatching system on the welfare of broiler chickens in early and later life

            Mona F. Giersberg; Roos Molenaar; Ingrid Jong; Carol Souza da Silva; Henryvan den Brand; Bas Kemp; T. Bas Rodenburg;

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