The international conference series on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals started in 2005. The initiative has been to give an overview of the ongoing activities with respect to antibiotic use in animals and antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans. During the years, the conference series has strengthened its position as an important meeting point for the animal health industry and the medical community. So far, stakeholders have developed sustainable solutions for disease prevention and have identified new research areas and actions based on the current scientific knowledge and political expectations.
Key themes of the 5th International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals include:
• addressing antimicrobial use and resistance at global, regional and national levels
• antimicrobial resistance and the human-animal-environment interface
• reducing antibiotic use in animals – barriers and prospects
• towards sustainable solutions for antibiotic use in food animal production – progress and
• socio-economic, technical and regulatory dimensions of sustainable change in antimicrobial use in
animal production
• minimizing and containing antimicrobial use and resistance – innovative research directions

EU funded projects AVANT, DISARM, HealthyLivestock, and ROADMAP join forces at this conference with interesting presentations about the aim and current achievements of the project activities.

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