During the conference about “REDUCING ANTIMICROBIAL USE IN EUROPEAN LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION”, organized by the HealthyLivestock project, together with The Schippers Group, Bas Kemp, Professor in Adaptation Physiology in the Wageningen University and research and HaelthyLivestock scientific coordinator, talked about the ”Four strategies to reduce the use of antimicrobials on farms-The HealthyLivestock approach”

Interesting topics in the presentation as the main objective of HealthyLivestock project and its four important strategies: Biosecurity, Resilience, Early detection, and Precision medication, Each strategy was well explained by demonstrating research and results out of the project.

The presentation was concluded with an important take-home message “We have to convince and collaborate with the industry; convince the farmer that the change is worth it, it is working. they have to do the extra effort and to see the benefit of it”

Watch the presentation: