During the Virtual UFAW Animal Welfare Conference Dr. Mona F.Giersberg presented a study conducted by Wageningen University & Research and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University about the “Effects of hatching system on broiler activity measured individually by an ultra-wideband tracking system”.
Broilers usually hatch in hatcheries without access to feed and water until placement at the farm, which can affect their health, resilience and welfare. Therefore, alternative concepts have been developed, such as providing chickens with early nutrition in the hatchery or hatching eggs on-farm. However, information on the resilience and welfare of chickens hatched in these sysEffects of hatching system on broiler activity – Postertems is limited. Changes in broiler activity are a promising indicator for various resilience and welfare threats. Sickness and lameness for instance have been associated with lower activity levels in broilers. With modern sensor technology, it is possible to automatically record group- but also individual activity patterns. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of hatching system on broiler activity in general and after the challenging situation of vaccination.

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Effects of hatching system on broiler activity – Poster