Zoetis for HealthyLivestock

At Zoetis, we are dedicated to supporting our customers and their businesses. Building on more

than 65 years of experience in animal health, we

discover, develop, manufacture and commercialize medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products, which are complemented by biodevices, genetic tests and precision livestock farming.

We know that healthier animals are part of building a healthier world, and we provide products and solutions to help veterinarians predict, prevent, detect, and treat disease across the entire lifecycle of animals. We call this the continuum of care because it spans the entire range of health solutions. We work closely with our customers to provide them the medical and technical support they need to make the right decisions about the health of animals under their care.

Responsible Use of Antibiotics

One aspect of this is promoting the responsible use of antibiotics, where we follow the principle “as little as possible, as much as necessary.” Under Work Package 6, Zoetis is developing innovative applications for poultry and pig farmers and other professionals to better inform their livestock care and productivity practices. With the correct knowledge, veterinarians and livestock producers can prevent disease or detect it early, thus eliminating or minimizing the use of antibiotics.

Minimizing the Effects of Disease with Data

Another solution that supports antibiotic stewardship and minimizes disease is the imminent POULTRYVIEW 360™ from Zoetis, a value-added flock health evaluation system that allows veterinarians and farmers to capture, document, evaluate and benchmark health status relating to the GI and respiratory tracts, skeletal/muscular/integumentary conditions, coccidiosis, immune system and others. Data relating to disease control programmes, treat


ment records, age, weight etc are captured and the analytics provided allow early disease intervention

and reduce the need for antibiotics. Photo references for scoring in health evaluations and an educational section are provided which can be used to train new specialists working in live production.

Concerning pigs, Zoetis and our partners will run a data-driven platform of analytical tools to assess health and performance at both individual and herd level. Farm events, weights and growth rates, antimicrobial and other veterinary medicine usage will be monitored, and the option of 3D camera technology may be used to analyse behaviour for early detection of vice behaviours and health issues.

E-Knowledge Hub

The outputs of the HealthyLivestock work packages from both the Chinese and European projects will be made available through a mobile-phone friendly E-Knowledge Hub which will provide access for livestock producers and veterinarians to the latest evidence and best practice guidance which can be implemented on farm and improvements observed through the poultry and pig apps.

It is envisaged that these apps will contribute to the harmonisation of animal health practices between the EU and China and to the overall economic and environmental sustainability of pig and poultry farming.