HealthyLivestock project created Technical Notes which aim at farmers and veterinarians. The Technical notes are making the results and outcomes of the different areas of the project researchers, accessible to the farming community, with an emphasis on how they can be used to improve the health & welfare status of the animals on the farm.

The technical notes are “easy to read”, clearly illustratedand and include the description of best practices identified by the project and its findings.

Please click the following links for the technical notes:

1. Biosecurity tool for pigs

2. Biosecurity tool for Broilers

3. Health plans for pig farms

4. Health Plans for poultry farms

5. Enrichment environment in pig farms

6. Probiotic use to improve resilience

7. Peri-hatching alternative systems

8. Elevated platform in poultry farms

9. Early detection systems in pig farms

10. Targeted application of alternatives to antibiotics

To read the technical notes in other EU languages please click HERE