On the 16th of February 2023, The ArMoR Cluster had its last joint event where science met with the industry to discuss reducing antimicrobial use in livestock.

In the ArMoR cluster 7 EU research projects – DISARMHealthyLivestockRoadmapAVANTAMRILLSBM-FARM, and FARM-CARE have joined forces to support the agricultural sector in preventing and counteracting antimicrobial resistance.

This event reunited 60 people in person and 9790 participants online, from the EU and China with a rich program that engaged not only researchers but also veterinarians, farmers, industry, policymakers, animal health companies, and anyone who is interested in the venues towards antimicrobial use in livestock.

ArMOR Cluster partners, the EU Commission, FAO, FVE, EPRUMA, Copa Cogeca, Animal Health Europe, and The Schippers Group had the opportunity to give their insights on this global issue.

19 pitches on promising innovations to fight AMR were given from different projects and industries, and the event was concluded with an interactive plenary session where all the participants could give their opinions on burning statements

Read the proceedings here