24 Oct 2022

HealthyLivestock in a CORDIS article-

Tackling Antimicrobial Resistance through improved livestock Health and Welfare

20 Sep 2022

ONE Conference 2022-session recordings & interviews

Collaboration and partnership for a more sustainable Europe are the key drivers of the ONE – Health, Environment, Society – Conference 2022,

12 Sep 2022

HealthyLivestock in the EAAP in Porto

73rd Annual Meeting of EAAP in Porto, September 5th to 9th, 2022

29 Aug 2022

Biopigee project workshop-Biosecurity practice in European pig farms

Biosecurity measures in primary pig production to control Salmonella and hepatitis E virus

19 Jul 2022

The FAO Action Plan on AMR 2021–2025

Supporting innovation and resilience in food and agriculture sectors

12 Jul 2022

World Organisation for Animal Health report-

Promising trends in the race to fight antimicrobial resistance and preserve the efficacy of these critical medicines

11 Jul 2022

Preventing antimicrobial resistance together

FAO, UNEP, WHO, and WOAH announce WAAW 2022 theme

15 Jun 2022

“ArMoR –fighting Antimicrobial Resistance in livestock farming”

HealthyLivestock, AVANT , DISARM, Roadmap, AMRILS, BM-FARM and FARM-CARE in a new project group

02 Jun 2022

Take part in the EC survey on the fight against AMR

Help the EC to identifying ways to improve EU action on AMR in the future!

31 May 2022

HealthyLivestock 6th Newsletter

Read here about the project's outcomes, News and events!

31 May 2022

Interview with HealthyLivestock social scientists in Europe and China

Dr. Carmen Hubbard and Dr. Ming Gao talking about social acceptance

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