14 Jan 2021

HealthyLivestock: Effects of hatching system on the welfare of broiler chickens in early and later life

Mona F. Giersberg; Roos Molenaar; Ingrid C.de Jong; Carol Souza da Silva; Henryvan den Brand; Bas Kemp; T. Bas Rodenburg;

03 Nov 2020

Deep learning-based automated pig feeding behaviour detection for healthier livestock

Say goodbye to traditional pig tracking, extra sensors and individual marking. A fast and accurate 2D camera-based deep learning system automatically recognises pig feeding behaviour, making early detection of health and welfare problems possible.

02 Nov 2020

HealthyLivestock Related Websites and Projects

Please find here links to HealthyLivestock related websites and projects :

23 Oct 2020

Effects of on-farm and traditional hatching on welfare, health, and performance of broiler chickens

In on-farm hatching systems, eggs that have been incubated for 18 D are transported to the broiler farm. After hatching around day 21, the chicks have immediate access to feed and water

23 Oct 2020

ESVAC – Sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents in 31 European countries in 2018

The latest ESVAC report, published in October 2020, shows that sales of antibiotics for use in animals in Europe fell by more than 34% between 2011 and 2018

19 Oct 2020

COVID-19 Effects on Livestock Production: A One Welfare Issue

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights that we exist in a global community. From a single city, it spread to 188 countries across the world and infected 30 million people by September 18, 2020.

13 Oct 2020

ScienceDirect : On-farm hatching of broiler chickens

Comparative assessment of general behaviour and fear-related responses in hatchery-hatched and on-farm hatched broiler chickens

13 Oct 2020

Biosecurity measures on the farm

Interesting video about biosecurity on the farm, please click to watch

13 Feb 2020

ifip Institut de porc : Biofilm dans les circuits d’eau : indicateurs et protocoles de décapage

A pipe-cleaning protocol is essential to limit development of biofilm and preserve animal health. This study aims to validate biofilm measurement indicators in water pipes on pig farms and compare different cleaning protocols

18 Sep 2019

OECD: Antibiotic Use and Antibiotic Resistance in Food Producing Animals in China

China is an important player in international markets for animal products, antibiotics, and in global efforts to combat antibiotic resistance (AMR)

16 Sep 2019

WHO : Critically Important Antimicrobials for Human Medicine

6th Revision 2018 Ranking of medically important antimicrobials for risk management of antimicrobial resistance due to non-human use

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